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 المختبر الفيزيائي Crocodile Physics v605

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مُساهمةموضوع: المختبر الفيزيائي Crocodile Physics v605   الجمعة أبريل 11, 2008 8:33 pm

Welcome to Crocodile Physics: a powerful but easy-to-use simulator that lets you model a range of models in electricity, motion and forces, optics and wavesSimply drag parts from the toolbars at the side of the screen, and move or position them as you wish they start simulatin straight away. Click on them to edit settings, and plot graphs to analyse data from your experiment

Set up in seconds using a lesson kit

The 46 new lesson kits in Crocodile Physics are designed around the science curriculum, and make it much easier to set up simulations.

Present simulations on a whiteboard

These lesson kits are ideal for presenting in front of a class using a whiteboard - as well as letting students create their own models.
Change settings quickly & easily

Unlike other simulation and modelling software, Crocodile Physics isn’t just a series of limited animations: it’s a full, flexible simulator.

Simulate real-life examples

Most parts in your simulation can be customised. For example, change the mass and elasticity of a ball, or the focal length of a lens, or the phase offset of an AC supply.

Graph data in real-time

The powerful graph tool will now plot any quantity on either axis - for example, voltage against current - as well as plotting against time

Let students experiment freely

You can also let your students experiment using the simulator - giving them a safe and

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المختبر الفيزيائي Crocodile Physics v605
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